Tuesday, May 28, 2013

so, this is all about ....

Its my first post on my first blog that too in English.
kindly pardon me for any silly spelling or grammatical errors :) hope i will improve myself in the near future.

So what this blog is about ?
Its about the voters, politicians, money, elections, parties, officials, government and everything that influences the three words of the title 'vote-for-money'.

why this ?
When someone does some wrong thing to the common people its the right of the common to punish the wrong doers. But in this case what if the common people are the ones who are doing wrong to themselves by luring their vote for money, they lose their right to ask, right to fight, right to punish and they become the one among a pool of criminals.

what is our problem about this ?
When the common becomes a criminal it derails the entire philosophy of democracy, it becomes crazy.
There is a scene from the film 'The Dark Knight', where people get strangled in two boats with a chance of saving themselves by exploding the bomb on the other ship, they choose to save themselves by believing each other and in the end they survive.
what if they choose to survive by killing each other, they both may have died.
In this case the politicians are the Joker and the election system is the batman. When our people who are in the boat choose to vote for money it actually sink them to death, even the batman cant do anything about this, he will watch the death of voters with hands tied by the joker.

what we are going to do ?
I am going to shout till it reaches the ears of the common, lets see who hears my meaky voice.